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Salvador Trinxet, The Happy Lawyer

Salvador Trinxet Lorca,

comments about “ The Happy Lawyer Book” from Larry Schreiter , this book is  completely right, all the people think that to be lawyer we have to be stress all day, having meeting and fighting for rights of our clients, but we could enjoy higher earnings in law practice with more satisfaction.  This is a book is specialy done  for lawyers but is posible to apply to any profesional who think that they job is not simple to face with the right mood.

Book excerpt:

Title: The Happy Lawyer
Author: Larry Schreiter
Publishing house: Shiloh Publications
ISBN: 0-9670165-0-9
“Lawyers and clients deserve the benefits of Larry approach” Jack Canielfield
The holiday music tape came to an end. I paused in my writing to flip the cassette. It was the weekend before christmas and everyone else in the firm was out preparing for the holidays. But I was at the office pounding out another trial brief.
My dedication to my clients is typical of thousands of hard-working lawyers in all areas of practice, all over the world. That kind of dedication had led me, in that instance, to forego family and friends, the holidays themselves, in order to do my profesional best. I believe I am not at al unusual.
Yet how different this appeared from how I’d lived between college and law school. Back then, I had lived in a big-city fourth-floor walkup, painted with acrylics, wrote poetry, made jewelry, and rode my motorcycle. The rest of my time I spent in really frivolous self-indulgence! Work was something done just often enough top ay the bills.
Even when I started law school, as different as that was from the easygoing lifestyle I had been used to, my ultímate visión was the same: I could practice wherever and whenever I chose.
Oune of three lawyers reprots being dissatisfied with hiso r her working life.
A majority complain of too Little time for themselves or their families.
Lawyers are four times as likely as the general population to suffer form depression, the highest incidence found among 105 occupations.
Out of all the clients they work for or the matters they work on, lawyers reportedly either dislike or barely tolérate some 70 to 80 percent.
My narrowly focused sole practice pays the bills and then some.
Before you can begin on the road to your own greater profesional satisfaction, are you certain what will bring “satisfaction” to you? If you are not certain, if it is a Little vague, then how can you reasonably expect doing what you have always done will ever lead to your satisfaction?
My own orientation then is achievement in combination with fulfillment. This is something I have come to through long and sometimes painful experience.

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Salvador Trinxet is Spanish lawyer. He write books about international relations and more...

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